About Fimo Mitchell

When Fimo Mitchell set off for China in the fall of 2002, his intentions were to teach English and explore the Far East; little did he know it was in the world’s most populous country that he would become an author. What began as a few lines about several childhood experiences developed into paragraphs and then chapters of fictitious writing which eventually came to be a coming-of-age novel he titled Lost or Found?. Mitchell was invited to present the book at the Montreal Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival in 2007. In January, 2011, his second novel, Kingston’s Return, was published by Wrags Ink. Mitchell has a bachelor’s in Communication and a Graduate degree in Journalism from Concordia University. While living in China for eight years, Mitchell traveled extensively around Asia and Egypt. His adventures abroad have solidified his belief that regardless of the many cultural and ideological differences people around the world share, human beings are fundamentally very similar. The Montreal native hopes his writing will contribute to the ongoing conversation that humanity is having with itself. Discovering and ultimately embracing truth along the often neglected road of love and compassion is Mitchell’s current mission. He speaks French, Mandarin and basic Spanish.