Jailed for reasons known and unknown

They have heard the silence of solitude

And have wondered about its origin

Silence has always been here

So has the age when hearts antagonize fear

But beatings weaken the body

So the humble crawl

Singing prayers of contrition

As they beg veiled judges for leniency

The wrongfully freed

Chastise lawyers of humanity

Their monopoly of colourless chips

Is revealed with unspeakable reverence

Deceit dries their lips


Ambitious hunger

Reprehensible in its nature

Yet stainless on white collars

Fuels the medium

Which crystalizes the message

An orchestration of broken hands

Is paraded for naïve applauses

Then critiqued by howling souls

Who scoff at chain gangs

Much in the way cynics mock charity

They say lives

All lives

Must be counted

Every breath honoured

Every echo explored

Every tag burned

The sentience of captives

Shall not be shrunk

With understated brilliance

They will plant trouble in prison gardens

After raising a generation of forgivers

Trouble will find us all

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